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Small Business Insurance

Get a quote, get covered and get going — in minutes.

What is small business insurance?

Small business insurance is not a policy you can buy. It covers a wide range of different insurance policies that protect your business from day-to-day responsibilities and risks while you are at work. From the physical injury of the customer to the damage to yor own equipment, having the right small business insurance policy can help you plan unexpectedly and better manage your bottom line. Let's break down the best business insurance for your needs, what it covers, and how to get a quote - fast.

What does small business insurance cover?

Small Business Insurance Must Meet Your Right Business Needs (Because It's Not Just A Policy, Remember?) Commercial business insurance doesn't have all the same size solutions. Think of them as options that you can "add to cart" to cover all your tasks and assets. Here are the most common types of small business insurance used by businesses everywhere:

General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance or "CGL" provides coverage against third party claims for property damage, bodily injury, and personal and public injury. That means everyday accidents that can happen at work: slipping and falling, flying equipment, or splashing coffee on a customer's laptop; you guessed it. CGL is one of the most basic forms of insurance for small businesses.

Professional Liability Insurances

Professional liability insurance, also known as errors and omissions (E&O) insurance, covers financial loss claims as a result of failure to provide or provide professional services properly.

Business Equipment Protection

Business Equipment Protection is a type of first party insurance that covers business equipment that you own, rent or borrow and use in connection with your business. (Other insurance companies for small businesses call it inland marine insurance, but we want to keep things clear and simple.)

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance covers costs that result from direct physical damage or loss to a building or its contents in conditions such as fire or typhoon. Even your receivable accounts can be protected through commercial property coverage.

Business Owners Policy

The Business Owner's Policy or "BOP" is all the coverage that most small businesses need in a simple package with two main areas: Commercial Property Insurance and General Liability Insurance.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers 'Compensation covers your employees' workplace injuries and illness costs, and is required in almost every state.  Your team is your most valuable asset, so it's important that you protect your business and your team.

How much does small business insurance cost?

The cost of small business insurance depends on a few key factors, such as where you are, what you do, your coverage limits, and the size of your team.

For example, if you have a large staff working in a more efficient profession, you can expect to pay a little more for your small business insurance than the sole owner who runs your business from home.  All of these factors are included in your business insurance premium (the price you pay), with which you may need additional coverage.

No two businesses are exactly the same, but general liability insurance from Thimble starts at $ 17 per month.

What other types of business insurance does my small business need?

Business Interruption Insurance

If you are forced to close a shop, business intervention coverage can seriously hamper your business. If you cause direct physical damage or property damage to your premises, such as a fire, you may receive up to two months' salary and up to one year's income and operating expenses. It is available as additional coverage for BOP.

Equipment Breakdown Coverage

If your equipment breaks down, equipment breakdown coverage ensures repair costs and lost revenue. It is available as additional coverage for BOP.

Product Liability Insurance

Product liability insurance protects artisans, manufacturers, and manufacturers from the costly consequences of injury or loss resulting from the sale of products such as jewelry, candles, or soap. It is available as part of general liability insurance coverage on Thimble's monthly and annual policies.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber   Liability Insurance includes first and third party liability coverage that protects small businesses from the consequences of cyber violations or data theft.

Hired & non-owned auto coverage

Rental and non-proprietary auto coverage is designed to cover work-related accidents in your employees' personal vehicles or in your rented vehicles. Liability coverage for personal autos or rental vehicles that your business uses but does not own. It is available as additional coverage for BOP.

Auto Liability Insurance

Commercial auto liability insurance protects you from the risks associated with the vehicles you own and operate.

Who needs business insurance?

Any small business that meets customers, owns property or goods, or even advertises for itself, is in real danger, and your work must be protected. That's why Thimble is the best small business insurance option for more than 300 unique businesses, including:

(1) Contractors + Handymen
(2) Landscapers
(3) Freelancers + Consultants
(4) Janitors + Cleaners
(5) Event Organizers
(6) Entertainment Professional
(7) Photography + Videography
(8) Hair + Beaty Professional
(9) Fitness + Personal Training
(10) Pet Sitters
(11) Office + Retail Stores

Small business insurance state by state

Prices vary between states, but each state has its own unique rules on insurance for small businesses called home. Learn more about small business insurance requirements across the United States.

How do I get small business insurance?

Thumbnails jobs, by month or year, in minutes.

We make this process easier than ever.  Just decide what kind of policy you need, and click "Get Quote" here or in the Thimble app.  You will answer some basic questions about your business and choose the length of coverage you want. You have the option to make the policy painful: you can either buy your business insurance online or talk to a real, non-robot person on our support team.  In minutes, you will have insurance tailored to meet the exact needs of your business, so that you can take advantage of every opportunity with the confidence that you are covered.